Television’s Top 5 Anti-Heroes Of All Time

Potential spoiler alerts if you haven’t seen these shows yet but if you haven’t yet you’ve basically been living under a rock so who cares. Here we go the best Anti-Heroes in television history. The biggest bad asses in television.

5. Frank Underwood (House Of Cards)


This is a must watch show and probably THE best Netflix original series out. Season 3 is coming out later this month so make sure you catch up. Frank Underwood is ruthless.

4. Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire)


One of the most underrated shows that never got the credit it deserved. Steve Buscemi made Nucky Thompson one of the most feared television characters of all time.

3. Jax Teller (Sons Of Anarchy)


Easily my personal favorite show or all time and favorite television character of all time. Kurt Sutter (show creator) is an absolute genius.
2. Walter White (Breaking Bad) 


Walter White turned from a boring old chemistry teacher into one of the biggest drug king pins the world. He also had some of the most bad ass lines you’ll ever hear. This is a MUST watch show.
1. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)


Historic show that created the anti-hero. No show will ever come close to creating a character as great as Tony Soprano was.

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This Is What Happens When Movies Are Edited For TV

Where’d you get the beauty scar tough guy? eating pineapple?

Nothing worse than when great movie lines are edited for TV making them sound like absolute poop. This video illustrates that perfectly. I have to admit though, most of these edits had me dieing laughing just because of how ridiculous they sounded.

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Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Binge Watching Starts Now



The day has finally come, Netflix released season 2 of Orange Is The New Black this morning. THANK GOD. Season 1 was awesome and hopefully Season 2 follows suit.

Gotta love how Netflix releases it at the start of the weekend. If you scheduled a birthday party or a cookout this weekend you are an IDIOT. No ones gonna show up to that shit. There staying in bed all weekend binge watching this gem of a show.

13 hours of binge watching ahead of me, looks like its gonna be a productive day folks.

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Ranking TV’s Greatest Catchphrases Of All Time

1.The Office
Michael Scott- That’s What She Said

Thats what she said

2. How I Met Your Mother
Barney Stenton- Legendary

3. Seinfeld


4. Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman- BITCH


5. Happy Days


Honorable Mention:
Entourage: Ari Gold- Hug it out bitch
South Park: You Killed Kenny!
Family Guy: Quagmire- giggity giggity goo
Community: Magnitude: POP POP!
Simpsons: Homer- DOH! (Probably should of made the cut)


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Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Comes Out Tomorrow


Washington Post

Piper Chapman, the fictional inmate at the center of Jenji Kohan’s magnificently layered and wickedly seamy Netflix dramedy “Orange Is the New Black,” has been sent to one of the Litchfield women’s penitentiary’s solitary confinement cells, a.k.a. “the SHU” (Special Housing Unit), after giving another inmate a good pummeling at the end of the series’ first season.

There she’s been losing her grip and using her breakfast goop to brush nature paintings on the walls. The solitude is a good opportunity to think about what got her (and us) to this point. Since entering prison as a fragile and fallen Mary Sunshine from gentrified Brooklyn who was busted on a decade-old trafficking charge, Chapman (inmates never go by their first names) has been slowly discovering her inner thug.

The show’s second season, which begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, strongly suggests that the woman formerly known as Piper is perhaps exactly where she belongs. This is home now.

In terms of character and ambitious writing and acting,Orange Is the New Black” is certainly one of the best shows going, however you choose to watch it — whether by parceling out an episode every few nights and making it last into the summer (that’s what I’d recommend) or gorging on all 13 new episodes over a weekend (in which case, knock yourself out).


Season 2 of Orange is The New Black comes out tomorrow at 3 am EST. You bet your ass i’m staying up and starting the show at 3 am and binge watching it until the end at around 4 pm. That’s how good this show is. This show is the full package, it has the perfect combination of funniness and drama.  Oh and did i mention Lesbian sex scenes!??!? Every single guy in America (and probably most girls) are hoping for more of that in Season 2.

Netflix has been coming out with HUGE hits lately. Starting to do Netflix Originals was a fire flames idea. House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are two of the best shows out there right now. 

If Season 2 is in anyway as good as Season 1 we are in for a treat.

Anyone else plan on binge watching the shit out of this?
(Rhetorical question because the show is too addicting to not do just that).



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