Real Housewife “Performs” Her “Hit Signal”

Apparently money doesn’t buy you talent either.

First things first, let’s give a shoutout to the sugar daddy that Rebecca Black’ed this chick. Dude literally payed to have his wife record a track, then went out of his way to get her on the news to perform her “hit” single. LOVE the move. You know him and his boys were laughing their asses off while they watched the train fall off the tracks.

Speaking of Rebecca, what ever happened to her? She had to of offed herself right?


Hardo Shows No Mercy to 6 Y/O

Get a load of this hardo right here. Typical white people. Can’t make the cut to play in the NBA so they take the next best thing, 6 year old kids stuck at the gym waiting for their parents to finish their workouts. Poor kid never stood a chance. I think the last thing that was on little Timmy’s mind that day was that he was going to be the schmuck that gets absolutely schooled in 1 v 1. At least put some sort of effort into it kid. No heart on his head. Can’t respect someone that calls it quits halfway during a game just cause they’re losing. No one likes a sore loser. Lesson numero uno kid.

Next time around instead of playing the lead role in some hardos highlight tape for the NBA, take your chances, punch him in the dick, and take the ball to the rack like a man.

By: SwaggyG