Seahawks Fan DESTROYS TV After Loss


This Seahawks fan acted in the most logical way possible after Pete Carrol called one of the worst plays in NFL history on the 1 yard line for the super bowl. You have Beast Mode for god sake.

This is how I imagine I would act if the Bills lose the super bowl in the future. (Yes, sadly im a buffalo bills fan).

I’m pretty sure this guy has been watching too much of the Andy Milonakis Show and thought he would pop right into the super bowl action like this clip.

Meanwhile Tom Brady is riding off into the stars after his fourth super bowl victory. 


By: Cmoney

America Hurt Tom Brady’s Feelings

brady crying
Rumor has it Tom Brady will miss the Superbowl with a torn labia. Brady is the direct cause of the pussification of America. The world is calling you out for cheating for the thousandth time and now your all butt hurt about it and crying? Come on man. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised though, the dude does wear Uggs.


By: Cmoney