5 Funniest Superbowl Commercials Of All-Time


Coming in at the 5 spot we have an all-time classic. Bud light who practically owns this list (you’d think we were sponsored) sends us waaay back with this caveman classic.



At the 4 spot we have the 2008 Diet Pepsi Max. The song alone catapults this ad to the top 5 spot. Give a someĀ LaBouche though, would’ve been an easy 1.



Still remember my first time watching this. Would’ve liked to have seen a little more of a twist at the end though. Office setting & a dude wishing for a promotion? Of course his squid CEO is going to walk around the corner. Disappointing ending from a commercial with a lot of promise.



Terry Tate. Office Linebacker. Say no more. Last thing I need is for this roided out freak to come sack Cmoney, Slappy89, or (most importantly) myself for not posting enough shit. I get enough flack for not posting on the reg enough. Pretty sure Cmoney doesn’t actually believe me when I tell him that I’m away at school.



Bud light taking the top spot with the magic fridge commercial. This commercial is the G.O.A.T. No questions asked.





Gotta love Jeff Gordan here for this one. Name me another reason to cheer for something someone from NASCAR did.. EVER? You can’t, simply can’t.



Johnny Football Hitting the Slopes In Cleveland?


This would be one hell of a blow for poor old Cleveland. Football season hasn’t even officially begun yet and you have the top receiver on the team getting busted for a DWI (weed basically..again) and Johnny Football taking some ski lessons while all the snow is in Cleveland.


SwaggyG Original Photo^^

As the legend Hunter Moore would say “Blow lines, fuck dimes”, 100% Johnny Football’s moveĀ in life right now. $20 bucks says JF slayed some tinder slut immediately after this photo was taken, and another $20 says he’s going to get a “random” drug test the second he steps foot in the locker room for practice. Either way, Johnny Football once again waving his dick in our faces, cuckholding Cmoney and I showing how much better his life is than ours.