5 Funniest Superbowl Commercials Of All-Time


Coming in at the 5 spot we have an all-time classic. Bud light who practically owns this list (you’d think we were sponsored) sends us waaay back with this caveman classic.



At the 4 spot we have the 2008 Diet Pepsi Max. The song alone catapults this ad to the top 5 spot. Give a some LaBouche though, would’ve been an easy 1.



Still remember my first time watching this. Would’ve liked to have seen a little more of a twist at the end though. Office setting & a dude wishing for a promotion? Of course his squid CEO is going to walk around the corner. Disappointing ending from a commercial with a lot of promise.



Terry Tate. Office Linebacker. Say no more. Last thing I need is for this roided out freak to come sack Cmoney, Slappy89, or (most importantly) myself for not posting enough shit. I get enough flack for not posting on the reg enough. Pretty sure Cmoney doesn’t actually believe me when I tell him that I’m away at school.



Bud light taking the top spot with the magic fridge commercial. This commercial is the G.O.A.T. No questions asked.





Gotta love Jeff Gordan here for this one. Name me another reason to cheer for something someone from NASCAR did.. EVER? You can’t, simply can’t.



The Top Five Best College Beers of All Time

Special edition from The Over Under Blog today as we list the top 5 college beers of all time. If you’re in college right now chances are you’re drinking one of these barley pops (or twenty) during this blizzard right now.

5. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Nothing quite says America like an old fashioned PBR. Cheap, american, and it tastes like George Washington is going down your throat.
4. Coors Light

coors light

Coming in at number 4 is the Coors light barley pops. Nothing better than pulling a super cold and crushing about 20 of these bad boys.

3. Miller High Life


Miller High Life will be sure to bring you many terrible hangovers in your college days. “The Champagne Of Beers” el oh el.

2. Keystone Light


Always smooth.
1. Natty Light


The ultimate college beer and the drink of choice by frat guys eveywhere.

Honorable mentions: Genesee Ice, Milwaukee’s Best, Old Milwaukee, Boxer Light, Bud Light, and Busch Light.

Do you agree with this list? Comment and give us your personal rankings of college beer.


By: Cmoney

I’mmmmmmm Backkkkkkkk


*glass shatters* My God! That’s Stone Cold’s music!

What up slooooots, Cmoney is back in the building ready to make more internet dollars and entertain you squids on a daily basis. The Over Under Blog is about to do big things in 2015. Get ready for those fan favorite “Best Of Tinders” because there about to be absolute FIRE this year. Be prepared bitches, we are about to break the internet with this return.

Still waiting on word of the return of the legendary SwaggyG. Last i’ve heard he was passed out with two Colt 45 forty ounces taped to his hands by a gutter in Boston. 


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Happy Fourth Of July Weekend Folks!

The above video is a must watch to get you AMPED up for the 4th of July tomorrow. And if you arn’t excited for tomorrow…YOU CAN GIT OUT!
git out

Hope everyone enjoys the long fourth of July Weekend and do mad beers. Try not blow yourself (or others) up while lighting off those illegal fireworks.



fourth of july

By: Cmoney


Newcastle Beer Has One Of The Greatest Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

So basically Newcastle is paying you $1 to follow them on Twitter. Straight cash homie (not really because they are sending it in check form).

The video is legendary. Basically just saying they are too lazy to make a real marketing/promotion so fuck it, here’s a dollar bill to follow us on Twitter instead. Brilliant.

If you have a Twitter just follow @Newcastle and they will Direct Message you a link to fill out a form to receive your crisp dollar bill. Basically we are gonna be filthy rich after this.

Who doesn’t enjoy free money?

By: Cmoney

Man Charged With DUI On A Beer Cooler

ImageFox News

NOOSA, Australia — An Australian man caught driving a motorized cooler box through a beachside resort town appeared in court charged with drunk driving, The Courier Mail reported Monday.

Christopher Ian Petrie, 23, faces charges of driving under the influence and driving without a license after police caught him on the makeshift vehicle, which was powered by a 50cc engine.

Petrie’s lawyers won an adjournment from magistrate John Parker as they sought to establish “whether a motorized esky [cooler box] was in fact a motor vehicle.”

An amused Parker inquired with Petrie about his cooler box’s performance.

“How much beer can it hold?” he asked the defendant. Petrie told the court the cooler box could hold “at least a couple of cartons.”


I don’t want a motorized beer cooler, I NEED a motorized beer cooler. Why do Australians have all the cool stuff like kangaroos and motorized beer coolers and shit!?

This is a total game-changer. Say you wanna go tailgating at a concert, theirs no need to walk anywhere with this invention. Drive around on a fucking cooler drinking a beer while all the other peasants around you are walking. Genius.

When I purchase my motorized beer cooler, I’ll feel bad for all those losers dragging/carrying their coolers around. That’s straight poor people shit. 


By: Cmoney