Cuncul Da Heat! LeBron is Heading Back To Cleveland!


So did Cleveland just become the place to be at right now? Fucking Cleveland Ohio? Johnny Football joining forces with Bron Bron? Move over Beyoncé and Jay, move over KimYe! Johnny and LeBron are taking over! How soon do you think it’ll take for paparazzi to catch Lebron doing blow with JF? I’ll give it 3 days. Tops.

Cleveland finally has something to root for now. Part of me is happy for the city, but another part still remembers it’s Cleveland. There’s only so much you can do to improve that shit hole.

Heat fans right now be like:


Meanwhile since Shabazz, I’m all like:


The real loser in this is poor old Dwayne Wade. I feel for you bro. Must suck knowing you’ll never see the playoffs again.


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