World Cup Anti-Gambling Commercial Is Absolutely Hilarious


Stop crying you little pussy, your dad bet on Germany and is about to make BANK. His savings account is about to skyrocket and maybe he can use the money to go to college if he learns to read/talk better.

This is supposed to make me not want to gamble? All this anti gambling ad tells me is that if I bet on Germany like that little kid’s father I could have made alot of money and made my family proud. (And also blow atleast half the winnings 1/2 of it at the strip club). Good job! Good Effort! Cuncel da Kick The Habit campaign.

The comment section on this video absolutely kills it per usual:

His dad is probably like, “WHAT I TELL YA BITCH!?”


Kid deserves a beating for questioning the genius of his father.


Also, they couldn’t hire kids who actually know English? 95% of this video I was thinking to myself “what the fuck did he just say?”. Overall this anti-campaign was an absolute failure.



By: Cmoney

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