The Best Of Tinder 7/7/2014


Ladies, today i introduce you to Dylan, the stud muffin whose been making girl’s panties wet since 1993. Awesome hair, sweet librarian glasses, and a pubic hair like beard. Dylan is the full package.

Gotta love his Tinder bio. “I smoke a bit, what of it?”. Dude… we know. Look at your fucking hair in a mirror bro.

This guy reminds me of an uglier version (if thats even possible) of Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black.

crazy eyes tinderIdentical twins? They have to be related in some way.


Looks- 10 (So dreamy. Epic hairdo, pubes on his chin, and sexy librarian glasses. Dylan so hot right now, Dylan.)
Personality- 6 (he smokes a bit…. what of it?)
Tinder game- 8 (How can girls not swipe right to this gem?)
Life score- 9


By: Cmoney

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