Does This Look Like The Face of The Biggest Bafoon In College Basketball?


Behold the biggest idiot of all-time in the college basketball recruiting game, William Jackson.

Bro, do you realize what the fuck you just did? Did you even watch the finals last year? Pretty sure the team you just flipped on just won it you fuck boy. This kid committed to Uconn the other day, only to officially change his commitment to Georgia. You fucked up boy. You fucked with the wrong dog. Take your midget, congested, overweight ass bulldog and kick rocks.

Does Georgia even March Madness bro? We ain’t talkin’ bout football bro, we talkin’ bout basketball. A sport where Uconn has dominated the sport for pretty much all of time IMO. You switch from a blue blood school to a team full of squids. Name me one player that got draft from Georgia last year? Two years? Three years ago? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Just know that you won’t be breaking the trend. Enjoy watching the team you switched up on shit all over your face when they win it all again this year. Bleed blue, go huskies!


Better dead than red bro.


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