Cuncul Da Heat! LeBron is Heading Back To Cleveland!


So did Cleveland just become the place to be at right now? Fucking Cleveland Ohio? Johnny Football joining forces with Bron Bron? Move over Beyoncé and Jay, move over KimYe! Johnny and LeBron are taking over! How soon do you think it’ll take for paparazzi to catch Lebron doing blow with JF? I’ll give it 3 days. Tops.

Cleveland finally has something to root for now. Part of me is happy for the city, but another part still remembers it’s Cleveland. There’s only so much you can do to improve that shit hole.

Heat fans right now be like:


Meanwhile since Shabazz, I’m all like:


The real loser in this is poor old Dwayne Wade. I feel for you bro. Must suck knowing you’ll never see the playoffs again.



Lebron James Is Officially Going Back To Cleveland. The King Returns Home

offical 2


But this is not about the roster or the organization. I feel my calling here goes above basketball. I have a responsibility to lead, in more ways than one, and I take that very seriously. My presence can make a difference in Miami, but I think it can mean more where I’m from. I want kids in Northeast Ohio, like the hundreds of Akron third-graders I sponsor through my foundation, to realize that there’s no better place to grow up. Maybe some of them will come home after college and start a family or open a business. That would make me smile. Our community, which has struggled so much, needs all the talent it can get.

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.

I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.


THE KING HAS RETURNED!!!!! Goodbye Miami and all their bandwagon fans…. Hello Cleveland. This announcement is pretty much going to break Twitter and the News in general. Gotta love the decision to return. I can just see all the Miami bandwagon fans in the store right now buying Cavs jerseys.


Johnny Manziel and Lebron James in the same city at the same time? CANT WAIT. Pretty sure they are reviving that embarrassment of a city by themsevles.


The Cavs are already favorites in Vegas to win the title this year (4 to 1). I’m going to put all my internet dollars on that happening. Mortal lock of the century the Cavs win it all.


Welcome home Lebron.


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Moving Trucks Outside Of Lebron James Miami House. Goodbye Miami, Hello Cleveland



This is blowing up on Twitter right now. Lebron James has tons of moving trucks outside his Miami home which are probably gonna be heading to ugly ass Cleveland.

This has to be one of the worst moves of all time. Going from beautiful Miami with tons of hot sloots to the arm pit of America… fucking Cleveland.



Pull your 23 jerseys out, he’s back home.


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World Cup Anti-Gambling Commercial Is Absolutely Hilarious


Stop crying you little pussy, your dad bet on Germany and is about to make BANK. His savings account is about to skyrocket and maybe he can use the money to go to college if he learns to read/talk better.

This is supposed to make me not want to gamble? All this anti gambling ad tells me is that if I bet on Germany like that little kid’s father I could have made alot of money and made my family proud. (And also blow atleast half the winnings 1/2 of it at the strip club). Good job! Good Effort! Cuncel da Kick The Habit campaign.

The comment section on this video absolutely kills it per usual:

His dad is probably like, “WHAT I TELL YA BITCH!?”


Kid deserves a beating for questioning the genius of his father.


Also, they couldn’t hire kids who actually know English? 95% of this video I was thinking to myself “what the fuck did he just say?”. Overall this anti-campaign was an absolute failure.



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Cuncel Da Brazil


Poor old man, probably gonna be taking that fake World Cup trophy to his grave.

Brazil got absolutely pooped on. 7-1? They just let the Nazi Germans walk all over them. Even my boy Tim Howard couldn’t help save them.

Live look outside the stadium after the game.

live look

100% chance the Brazilian soccer players and the German fans at the game are FUCKED.


This game also makes us realize that no one actually gives a fuck about soccer.
This video describes soccer perfectly “Calm down Greg It’s soccer.”


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