Does This Look Like The Face of a Congressman Who Was Executed and Replaced By Robot Body Double?


Gotta love politics right? Guys having their stuff research every nook and cranny of your entire life trying to find any sort of dirt on you in order to sway the publics opinion.

The case has the ultimate plot twist. It’s one thing to call out someone for smoking pot or for getting a DUI when he was raging face in college. Yeah, we get it, everyone fucks up here and there. NOPE. Not this time, this time Timmy Murray is sending shots at (allegedly dead) Frank Lucas.

“…it is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike.” – Rep. Murray

“I’ve never been to Ukraine,” said Rep. Lucas.

It goes with no surprise that Lucas one the election. I mean c’mon people, who’d honestly believe that malarky? This isn’t iRobot, yes we have Will Smith to save the day, no we don’t have robots representing politicians trying to take over congress or whatever the fuck this election was for.

Lucas – 1
Frank- 0

Frank seriously needs to step his game up for the next election. Pretty sure that sap lost the election by over 70% of the overall vote. Do you even politics bro? Simple solution to solving the actual claim, cut him and see if he bleeds, pretty straight forward.

Bottom line these guys have no clue what the fuck they’re doing. Their negative press game is so far gone I’m pretty sure Drake is about to write a song about it. If you want to politics right take notes^^ That’s someone I’d vote for any day of the week.



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