Is Grabbing Someone’s Phone in The Hood To Check The Time a Good Idea?


I can understand that you genuinely want to know what time it is, but going about it in the manor that these goons did, just for youtube hits, may not be the best idea for the safety of your life. Pretty soon there will be an obituary at the end of one of the “prank” videos. Where the fuck do they come up with the idea that this would even be funny?

“Oh hey let’s take people’s phone in the hood just to see what time it is haha. What could go wrong? I’m sure they’ll understand.”
What you sir neglected to realize, is that people try that shit to steal their phone probably every 34 minutes out there. Smart move squid.

Half of the videos aren’t even funny. If you think about it these guys are jut a couple of virgins trying to be funny be sacrificing their life’s just to potentially be youtube famous. I love how they’re screaming “It’s a prank!” as they’re getting their ass beat. Serves them right.

Hood -1

Virgins – 0


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