Breaking News: Guinea Pigs Turning Hipster


Breaking news from your boy SwaggyG. It appears that guinea pigs from all over have gone from sex fiend animals (Sooty) turn hipster faggots. All it takes is for one guinea pig to get out of line, just one. This is a fad that needs to stop ASAP. The sooner guinea pigs realize that being an individual (hipster faggot) is not actually being an individual anymore. Now you’re the people that are conforming to society.

Oh what, guinea taught themselves how to read now? Posers.

Nice pink bathtub you fairy.

Perfectly timed pic.



Please guinea pigs, go back to being yourselves and being the chill as fuck animals that just chill in a cage, get occasionally let out and just have a good time. Stop being hipster faggots.


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