Washington Monument or Giant Penis Statue?




Yeah, that’s a giant dick.

WHOA there kid settle down now. This is what happens when you have shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashins and Jersey Shore on tv. Kids are just going to troll life and make giant dick statues that are supposed to represent the Washington Monument.

What I love about this is that the parents of this kid didn’t do anything to stop it. They took the “fuck it. nice statue jimmy”. This story is just more than scumbag parents and giant dicks, this story is really about this kid disrespecting the fuck out of Merica’!

Look at is people, that is no where close to the actual Monument. The top is supposed to be a pyramid. Pretty sure that’s a head on top of the veiny base. Not a good effort for the kid. Going to have to give it an F. Easiest grade ever.

Fuck this kid. You can’t come in here and disrespect America like that especially during the World Cup. That’s like coming into my house and taking a shit on my coffee table. Can’t have it, won’t have it. If this kid didn’t get a giant F for this project, then the competition is rigged. Enough with the pussification of America, where every student gets a grade that’s acceptable so no one feels left out. FUCK THAT NOISE.


^^ What is should’ve looked like ^^



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