The Best Of Tinder 6/18/2014

ImageToday I introduce you to Sam, the 20 year old who thinks drawing a train around his head gets him laid. To top the ridiculous picture off he has captions it “Choo choo mother fuckers”.


I’m really hoping his train picture is just a figure of speech in that he’s gonna run train on sluts. For those of you who don’t know what the phrase “run train” means, here is the Urban dictionary definition.

Urban dictionary defines “Run Train” as a lineup of guys having sex with one girl one after another.
Used in a sentence example: we’re gonna make u walk home, and we’re gonna let the boys in the hood run a train on your little girlfriend.

Looks- 4 (If he didn’t include his face it would have been an easy 10. That’s a good lookin train.)
Personality- 7
Tinder game- 7 (As much as i respect his artistic ability. Captioning it with choo choo muther fuckers will not get girls panties wet.)
Life score- 5


What do you guys think? Does drawing a train around his face get this guy laid?
Make sure to vote in the poll!


By: Cmoney

One thought on “The Best Of Tinder 6/18/2014

  1. mashiblog says:

    I don’t even know how him getting laid because of choo choo is debatable. The last thing you would think of is intercourse when you look at this picture, I don’t know where you got this idea,its very amusing though.


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