SwaggyG Vacation Update: People of Florida

So your boy SwaggyG is taking his talents relatively close to south beach (St. Cloud + Clearwater), instead of taking this valuable time off, I’ve decided to give up to the minute updates on how the trip is going. A blogger pretty much has moral code in life to follow, that code being “Blog is life nigga” (does that make me a hardo?). Can’t take time off from blogging, you just can’t.



With the first “People of Florida” post, it’s only fitting that this squid was literally the first person I saw on my way to get my bag.

My first take on this is that this guy is an absolute SAVAGE. Knee high Nike socks and polo low cut shoes!? This guy has no regard for life at all. Send this guy over to Iraq to take on those jihads and I guarantee a victory within 45 minutes.

It took a while for me to get the perfect shot, and to be honest I’m 100% positive he knew that I was going to attempt to get it. Little did he know I live by rule number one in life: “Blog is life nigga”, and because of that I lurked around ever crevasse in the airport to get the perfect shot.

Was it awkward when my camera shutter went off?

Was it worth is?

Does he have any idea I just made him Internet famous?


P.s. Shoutout to my boys at jet blue. Easily the best airliner out there.

Fuck you delta.

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