The Best Of Tinder 6/16/2014

ImageLadies I introduce you today to Jay, the 68 year old stud muffin who also happens to be a fucking super hero. That super hero costume fits him PERFECTLY, I can almost see Jay’s six pack.

What is a 68 year old doing on Tinder? Just trying to lay some pipe and show off his super powers to some young sloots.


Looks- 9 (The super hero costume almost fits him too perfectly).
Personality- 9 (Jay has super powers which pretty much translates to other great qualities.)
Tinder game- 10 (Dressing up as a super hero at the age of 68 definitely gets this guy laid. All the girls will be swiping right (would bang) to him on Tinder.)
Life score- 10 (Slaying pussy on a college dating app at the age of 68 is legendary. He’ll be inducted into the Tinder Hall of Fame soon enough.)


By: Cmoney

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