The Best Of Tinder 6/13/2014

ImageToday I introduce to you Harrison, the 21 year old Mexican taco duck. I’ve posted some weird Tinder profile pictures but this one takes the number one spot. 

If ladies dont swipe right (would bang) because of his picture, they almost have to with his Tinder bio. “Lets eat mac and cheese together”. What girl wouldn’t want to eat delicious mac and cheese with a Mexican taco duck sitting across the table?

Fat girls have to love this kid. He offers mac and cheese and he looks like a taco? Double win for the fat fucks out there.

Looks- 10 (Harrison is the full package. So dreamy.)
Personality- 9
Tinder game- 10 (If he doesn’t get you to swipe right with his legendary picture, his Tinder bio will sure do the trick.)
Life score- 10 (This is what I dream of looking like/being when i grow up).


By: Cmoney

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