The Best Of Tinder 6/12/2014

ImageToday I bring to you Liam, probably one of the most disturbing Tinder pictures in the game right now. But who knows, some girls are into that type of shit.

This kid took the selfie game to a whole new level. Fuck taking selfies on top of skyscrapers, this kid photoshops an arm in for his dick and takes a selfie with it. Classic Liam move right there.


Looks- 3 (Kid could atleast smile to pretend like he’s not a creepy fuck)
Personality- 5 (Bio: Free runner. Student and video game designer….. YAWN)
Tinder game- 6 (The only chicks he’s gonna match with are girls that are disturbing and fucked up in the head).
Life score- 7


By: Cmoney

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