Mighty Ducks 4 Could Be Coming Out!?!!??!?


Time published an oral history of The Mighty Ducks trilogy yesterday, and while reading the piece was certainly a wonderful trip through nostalgia (flying V! Iceland’s Ivan Drago-wanna be coach!) for this writer, there’s one interesting tidbit about the future: Mighty Ducks 4 could happen.

Both Joshua Jackson, who played second lead Charlie Conway in the series, and producer Jordan Kerner both said they’d be open for a new movie.

Jackson, who’s best known to some as Pacey on Dawson’s Creek (not American dudes though, we will always see him as Charlie Conway), told Time he believes “a fourth movie should happen,”

If you’ve never heard this Mighty Ducks rap it’s a must hear track of the summer.

Round up the troops, Mighty Ducks 4 may be coming back.

I don’t care if my boy Charlie Conway and Adam Banks are almost 40 fucking years old, i NEED a D4 The Mighty Ducks. Yes, it will probably suck dick but that’s beyond the point.

To all those who don’t care about the Mighty Ducks, you had a deprived childhood you cake eaters.


By: Cmoney

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