Get Ready For The World Cup

If this doesn’t get you pumped up for the World Cup, nothing will. This guy may not play for any country, but I mean c’mon. This guy just putting in work on a group of lions just for shits and giggles. There aren’t many things I despise on this planet more than some foot fairies, but this is downright awesome. Typical man just dominating and belittling another species like usual. Solid win for us homo sapiens.

P.S. Love the move at the beginning when he calls the alpha male a pussy. Total power move right there, have to respect it.

Double P.S. Part of me wishes I could’ve seen this guy ripped to shreds for being such an idiot. Who the fuck wakes up in the morning and decides to play soccer with some lions?

Triple P.S.  Maybe team Africa should try this. If you can beat a lion, you can win a world cup. FACT.

By: SwaggyG

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