Huge news broke last night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. Former teen Disney star broke the truth to the entire world during her interview:

“No. I mean they are aliens,” she told him, as self-conscious smile broke out across her face. “There are pictures online.”


Hey Demi, you know what else is on the internet? Your nudes.

The real loser here though is Neil Tyson. I bet he’s boiling over in is home right now, prepping for another tv appearance to talk about the possibilities of Ms. Lovato. If only he’d checked on the internet, he could’ve broken the story first. A little bit of google is all you need to know the truth on aliens and mermaids these days. I love Seth Meyers laughing in poor ole Demi’s face. Bitch, you serious? You were able to make Seth Meyers, arguably the un funniest man on cable, look like Louis C.K. with your stupidity. Chalk another up for Disney, they’ve done it again with this one. Another great role model for society.


I feel for Demi, she actually had a solid point at the beginning of the interview. I actually agree with her on the fact that I believe aliens are real. Fuck the UFO shit, I’m talking from a common sense standpoint. You have to be the most naive, narrow-minded person on the face of the planet to honestly sit in your chair at home, most likely with a PBR in your hand, and think that we’re the only intelligent life form ANYWHERE in the entire solar system.


However I lost all sympathy the second she brought up mermaids. I don’t know where your heads at sister, but keep it focused on making your awful music.

P.S. Is Demi Lovato secretly the porn star Christy Mack? The evidence is overwhelming. I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.


By: SwaggyG




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