Is Lil B’s Curse Real? Kevin Durant Should Be Worried

It all started back in 2011 when future MVP Kevin Durant reportedly called Lil B (TheBasedGod) a “whack” rapper. Lil B responded with much more than a simple diss track (which he eventually does), but spells a curse upon Durant for centuries to come. So the question is, is the curse real? Well if you have watched the NBA playoffs recently, short answer is yes. The curse is very real, and not one to be fucked around with.

Until Lil B decides it upon himself to lift the curse, I just don’t see Oklahoma City ever winning a title. Let’s be honest, curses are real as fuck. Curse of the Bambino? The Cubs? The Mets? Can’t fuck with em’.  Think about who we’re talking about people. Not 50, not Diddy, not sell out Dre, nahh we’re talking about practice man, we’re talking about the based god himself. Someone not to take very likely.


Damn bro the hits keep coming. How can you even bounce back from a diss track like that? You can’t. You just can’t.


How are you really about to let this dude talk to you like this!?



Verdict? Curse is real as fuck man. As long as KD plays for OKC, you won’t be seeing any championships.


JK can’t disrespect




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