Worst Rap Battle of All Time

Rain Drop vs Mike Glambin
Who ya got?

This is a classic YouTube hit right here from back in 2005. Just two young studs going back and forth at each other with fire flames rhymes.

The winner has to be Rain Drop here. Literally might be the next Eminem. He brought that heat.
“Yo you’re gay, you suck faags, oh all night that your face all wells up and fades away, yo.”
“You have a bull on shirt. You look like a furt from a cartoon. A coon. And it runes like prunes. You live with racoons, animal boom.”

Easily the best one liner….
“You live in Kalamazoo…. you FOO”.
Expect that line to be heard in the next Drake or 2 chainz song ASAP.

I’d Really like to see an update video of where the fuck these kids are now a days. Part of my hopes Rain Drop is a multimillionaire now a days and slays pussy on the reg.
Wishful thinking i guess.

By: Cmoney

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