CT Country Music Concert Stereotypes


Ahh summer is finally upon us. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoons than at the Comcast. Every year kids from all ages (mainly 15-25) gather here and do one thing and one thing only, crush beers. Formally known as The Meadows, however for those  of us who’ve been attending since 2009 we all refer to it as the Comcast.


We’ll start off with the “Way too drunk white girl“.

Let me take a selfie is brought to a new level with this girl. The only things she’s interested is getting white girl wasted and taking pictures with her friends. Stay far far away bros.


Next up we have the “Tailgate hardo” 

Bro we get it, you go tailgating all the time and you’re a seasoned vet. Calm your tits though, no one is impressed. You may think you’re hot shit, but everything else just thinks you’re just some kid trying too hard to be cool.


The “I’m drunk make out with me” girl.

This girl is very common and generally speaking, is the transformation of the way too drunk white girl. Think of a pokemon evolving to its next form as this is a very similar event. What goes from an innocent girl that all the parents love, morphs into the drunk whore that won’t go away. Give this girl some attention bro. All over your dick and all you care about is smiling for the camera. Notice your bro laughing at you in the background. No coming back from this. Squid city you bro.


The “One black kid that’s there” kid.

Lastly we have one black kid that has no business of being there. C’mon bro who’re you trying to kid? We all know you’re not going to the concert. With that said you better watch out for him, cause this is the kid that will steal your girl. It’s pretty much game over at that point. Just pack your shit and go home.


Hope you all enjoyed this formal introduction to summer concerts at the Comcast. 100% Guarantee you’ll see each of these kids at the next show.


By: SwaggyG

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