The Best of Tinder 6/3/2014

ImageLadies, I’m proud to introduce you to Peter… try not to crush too hard on this guy. Peter is not only killing the Tinder game but he is also CRUSHING life. 3 tamagotchis!??!? I remember the struggle back in the hay day of having only 1 of those bad boys. Ladies… you have the opportunity to get THREE.

This picture is absolutely absurd/I have no fucking clue what my boy Pete is doing. He’s got a killer statche though. Mustache rides for days to please the lovely Tinder ladies. The guy is also a huge fan of the color red, what a romantic.

Rating Peter:
Personality: 9.4
Tinder Game: 10
Looks: -5
Life Score: 10

Peter is definitely a guy you swipe right to on Tinder (Swiping right means Yes aka would bang)

By: Cmoney

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