Psychic Panda Will be Used to Predict World Cup Matches


When it comes to famous psychic animals, as the old saying goes, Paul the Octopus was in a league of his own, predicting many of the winners of soccer matches at the 2008 European Championship and 2010 World Cup.

That World Cup made Paul easily the most recognizable octopus on the planet, but he didn’t have much chance to bask in the glory – he died a couple of months after the tournament from an octopus-related illness, otherwise known as a very short lifespan.His success inspired many copycats, though not many of them were actually cats. At the 2012 European Championship, an Indian elephant named Citta tried to pick up where Paul left off, but her faulty predictions meant she had a tournament to forget, though of course, being an elephant, she couldn’t.

Now, with the World Cup in Brazil just one week away, a panda is being lined up as a possible heir to Paul’s psychic crown. Chinese state media reported that the giant panda conservation center in the southwestern province of Sichuan has “invited” a panda cub to predict the results of matches in the 2014 tournament.


Paul the Octopus opened the game up for all animal owners out there. Wanna make some easy dough by having your stupid pet “predict picks”? Thank Paul the Octopus for opening up the flood gates.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul the Octopus was weirdly accurate in his world cup picks years back. The owner of Paul had to have mafia influence in the rigging soccer games business. That’s the only explanation. If you really think there are psychic animals or people in general you are a certified NUT JOB.

This stupid (but cute looking) panda is gonna suck at predicting games I can already tell. There will never be another Paul the Octopus. R.I.P. buddy.

Author: Cmoney

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